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noshavenovMIDDLETOWN, N.Y. (November 11, 2014) — In its continuing commitment to educating the community at large about important health issues, Middletown Medical is focused during this month of November in honoring “No-Shave November,” a unique initiative to raise cancer awareness.

The goal of No-Shave November is to “grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.” One suggestion is donating the money you usually spend on shaving and grooming for the month to educate about cancer prevention, saving lives, and aiding those fighting the battle. For more information in this annual effort, please visit

Many Middletown Medical male employees are participating in the “no-shave” activities during the month, as well.

The month’s activities also brings awareness to Middletown Medical’s Hereditary Cancer Risk Testing program, the only provider in the region to offer such a service.

This program offers people with a family or personal history of breast, ovarian, colon and uterine cancers peace of mind, as mutations or variations in genes passed from parent to child can drastically raise the risk of cancer (in some cases 100%) — and knowing if you’re at risk allows you to take action to reduce this risk in advance.

As well, No-Shave November also serves as a reminder for men, especially those over the age of 50, to schedule a prostate cancer screening to ensure early detection, if necessary – as there can often be no warning signs. Middletown Medical’s urological services are performed in a private and confidential setting with caring, compassionate urologists.

For more information on Middletown Medical’s Hereditary Cancer Risk Testing program, including a short (just 7 questions) hereditary cancer risk survey, please visit, or call (845) 342-4774. Also visit for additional information on Middletown Medical’s comprehensive urological services.

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