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Save Our Care! Don’t Let CIGNA Cut Us Off From Middletown Medical

For many years, Middletown Medical has been the cornerstone of healthcare for me, my family, and countless others in our community. They have faithfully served us for 40 years, providing quality care that we trust and depend on. However, the recent actions of CIGNA threaten this longstanding relationship.

CIGNA has raised premiums by almost 50%, a burden that falls heavily on small businesses like our physicians and patients alike. Despite these increases, CIGNA reported profits of $5 billion last year – an imbalance that is both unfair and unsustainable.

Many patients registered with CIGNA are at risk of losing access to their trusted healthcare providers at Middletown Medical due to this dispute. The potential impact on the quality of their healthcare is immeasurable.

We believe it’s time for CIGNA to negotiate a fair and equitable contract with Middletown Medical. This isn’t just about business; it’s about ensuring continued access to trusted healthcare providers for all members of our community.

Kindly see a message for all CIGNA Members from Dr. Rajan Gulati, President, Middletown Medical, P.C.

By signing this petition, you’re standing up for fair negotiation practices between insurance companies and medical providers. You’re advocating for affordable health care costs without compromising the quality or accessibility of care in our community.

Please sign this petition today – let’s urge CIGNA to negotiate fairly with Middletown Medical!



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