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The Headache Center


Middletown Medical is pleased to have the first Headache Center in Orange County!

We look forward to helping those with chronic, severe headaches and migraines find relief. For each patient, a specific plan is tailored to help alleviate their pain.


LOCATION — the headache center

Why should you use a headache clinic?

There are a number of reasons:

  • To get a specific diagnosis or to confirm diagnosis.
  • Some will also want to know if there are potential causes or triggers to their headaches.
  • For optimal headache management
  • To reduce the burden and the effects of headaches
  • To receive options for headache reduction
  • To optimize treatment options
  • To improve quality of life
  • To improve work productivity and reduce absenteeism
  • For headaches that are not being treated effectively
  • For headaches that are frequent or not responding to treatment.
  • For headaches that are interfering with one’s life or activities.
  • If you feel that are you taking too many prescribed or over-the-counter medication

Who is the headache center for?

A headache clinic is not for everyone. If you have a new type or a change in your headache, then this may be an emergency situation and a visit to the emergency department is warranted. Other signs that you may be having a life threatening emergency or a serious medical condition may be headache associated with:

  • Fever
  • Stiff neck
  • Changes in mental status
  • Weakness or numbness
  • Malaise
  • Difficulty speaking, difficulty for others to understand
  • Changes in blood pressure or pulse
  • New headaches over the age of 50 years old

What are the benefits and what you will learn

At our Headache Clinic, patients learn how to modify their lifestyle and living environment to suppress migraine development. Uri Napchan, MD, director of the clinic, aims to empower patients by coaching them to:

  • Identify “triggers” that may initiate the onset of a migraine headache
  • Learn activities and behaviors that reduce their risk of experiencing a migraine
  • Anticipate an episode in time for prevention
  • Adopt coping methods for pain reduction when a migraine does occur

An expert in migraine care, Dr. Napchan conducts evaluations to determine the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan for each individual. He is an advocate for neuropreventative health education — teaching physical, mental, and social activities that help the brain protect itself against neurological disorders. Dr. Napchan’s individualized treatment plans may incorporate medication to supplement this approach.

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