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Mortgage DoctorYour home is filled with many potential health dangers, and here’s a few to address, for starters:

1) Sleep Smarter — There are numerous questionable chemicals found in many common fabrics like polyester, nylon, as well as anything labeled “static resistant” or “wrinkle resistant.” Thus, make an effort to buy clothes and bedding made from safer, more natural materials like organic cotton.

2) Give Your Garage a Break — As your car’s engine cools, it naturally releases health-hindering gasses, ultimately polluting your garage and connected living spaces. Rather, park your car outside in your driveway for an hour or two before moving it into the garage.

3) Wash Your Face When You Get Home — If you wear makeup, consider this: These items all contain some degree of chemicals — and these compounds spend quite a bit of time coating your skin. So wash your face right when you get home instead of waiting until bedtime. A few extra hours of chemical-free face time each day could add up to more than six years over a lifetime!

(published Jan. 29, 2014)

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