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Cheerful Caucasian mother with daughter sitting in car safety seatDr. Jeffrey Weinstein, who heads Catskill Adult & Pediatric Medicine in Monticello, the latest addition to the Middletown Medical Family, is a father of two and offers these summer car safety tips when heading off for vacation:

1) GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP (this is paramount, as drowsiness is a leading cause of accidents);

2) DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CHILD’S CAR/BOOSTER SEAT (it’s estimated that 8 of 10 such seats are not installed correctly — take a couple minutes to make sure);

3) BE SUN SMART (consider investing in sunshades for the back windows to protect your children from the sun’s intense summer rays);

4) CHILD SAFETY LOCKS (before you leave the driveway, make sure all door child safety locks are ON!).

(Published July 9, 2014)

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