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Enthusiast people jumpingWe’ve got one week remaining in 2014, and here’s some simple, effective and candid tips to prepare for the new year, compliments of our own Dr. Jennifer Reich (Internal Medicine):

1) REFLECT . . . What were my successes and failures in 2014? How can I improve upon these in 2015? What are new lessons to learn?

2) RENEW . . . What is my inspiration in 2015? What new adventures are ahead? How do I get there?

3) ENJOY . . . Enjoy every minute life has to offer! Make every minute count!

4) LAUGH . . . Laugh about what crazy things you did last year, and what wonderful fun things you will create for next year!

5) LOVE . . . Love with all your might. Love your friends, family, and life! Live it all to its fullest!

(Published December 26, 2014)

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